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The company WENTPO Damian Masłoń deals with services in the field of fire ventilation, they are: technical consulting, industry projects, fire and evacuation simulations and measurements on the building along with the smoke tests. We have many years of experience in the field of fire ventilation gained when creating projects and measurements of interesting buildings: residential, office and service skyscrapers entertainment and sports. As the basis of merit include: building qualifications to design a ventilation system, completed university: Main School of Fire (Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw) – Security building – post-graduate studies, Cracow University of Technology – Environmental Engineering. The company cooperates with professional companies and Experts of fire protection.

Our vision is to support the pursuit of the objective is to perform services for fire ventilation through which the object will be ensured safety of its users and will not charge the investor unnecessary costs.


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Our offer is addressed to architects, designers, contractors and fire experts.


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